Frequently Asked Questions

people stretching

Should I stop working out, because every time I start working out shortly after I start feeling pain?

No, Keep working out, the problem is you're not doing proper recovery which includes taking care of your fascia and good stretching on a regular basis.

How often should I stretch?

The truth is as often as you can. It's not just the workouts that's stressing your body, it's everyday life. Things like driving, sleeping in bad positions, working at the computer too long, or even sitting too long. So you need to recover as much as you can.

Do I really even need to go to the chiropractor?

Absolutely, when your body is imbalanced and you have tight muscles pulling your structure out of its natural position it can cause pain all over your body. When you start your fascia work it's a great thing, but it won't happen over night. Seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis will assist your body alignment and help you become pain free.

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